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IT Security in Houston

Hackers utilize several exploits to penetrate firewalls and undermine firewall and IT security in Houston. The most common of these include brute force, backdoor passwords, service provider passwords, improper configuration, firmware bugs and telnet/web access. One of the biggest firewall weaknesses, however, is in their very design.

Firewalls detect and block malware using a set of rules for IP addresses and ports and libraries of signatures to which they compare incoming web traffic. This signature recognition technology originated in the late 90s with the development of the first advanced firewalls. These malware signatures are effective against known threats, however, they are useless against new variants and new and old exploits for which no signatures have been developed. In an environment where malware numbers in the millions and some worms, trojans and other exploits go undetected for years, firewalls have serious blind spots.

The first firewalls were initially very effective – the hackers simply moved on to easier targets that did not yet have them. Since then, firewall adoption has become nearly 100%, yet the hackers are still around. Information security and cybersecurity professionals have long recognized that firewalls are only a first line of defense and that alone firewalls have not been able to stem the growing tide of hack attacks.

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