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Barracuda Networks Solutions Will Keep Your Network Secure And Your People Productive

If you are searching the Internet for managed IT services Houston and Barracuda networks Houston, EDS Texas has the solutions you're looking for. Barracuda is a top provider of network security products for your IT needs, which is why we utilize many of their products in the services we offer.

Barracuda Network Advantages
By using Barracuda's products for your network needs, we connect you with efficient and effective products from one of the most trusted names. The Firewall is an essential component of these network products. We also provide the NG Firewall and the NG Firewall Vx. Although similar to the NG Firewall, the NG Firewall Vx also provides traffic flow optimization, availability and Layer 7 Application Control throughout the network. Users with this option get the most from their antivirus services, network and web filtering. It is ideal for companies looking to create a complete virtual environment.

The Barracuda SSL VPN provides secure access to the network for up to 15 users with the smallest package. The largest package gives access to nearly 1,000 users. For larger organizations requiring a higher traffic demand with stability, the SSL VPN Vx provides just that. Educational institutions commonly use its services to deliver access of the network to students. When dependability is key on a large scale, this is a good choice. Our clients also have access to Barracuda's Security Suite. It blocks spam and other threats to the network quickly and without compromising performance.

How Can EDS Texas Help?
From setting up a network to maintaining it, these complex tasks are best left to a professional or conducted under the direction of a professional. Companies with an IT department may have EDS Texas consult with workers to help implement and maintain the most efficient and secure network. Our goal is to provide the best managed IT services Houston has to offer, so we work with all sizes of companies. We learn about each company's unique needs, suggest a plan and implement it. In addition to Barracuda networks in Houston, we also offer a wide range of other IT network and phone services. Whether your staff or IT workers use our services directly, we always provide the best solutions, prices and plans. To learn more about setting up a strong network with Barracuda products in Houston, contact us today.